Senior Researcher and Advocate on Poverty & Inequality


The Business and Human Rights Division of Human Rights Watch (HRW) is seeking a highly qualified Senior Researcher and Advocate on Poverty and Inequality to investigate, analyze, and advocate against human rights abuses worldwide related to extreme poverty and inequality. The role of the Researcher and Advocate will include documenting and conveying the human rights implications of extreme poverty and economic inequality worldwide, specifically focusing on the ways in which the policies and practices of public and private entities contribute to the systematic transfer of wealth and resources away from the public good and into the hands of a few.

They welcome applications from people who have demonstrated familiarity with poverty and inequality research, including those who have a background in a field such as economics or social sciences.

This position is preferably based in a major HRW office, but other locations may be considered.

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Any HRW Office
Human Rights Watch
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