Researcher and Advocate on Children’s Rights in the Digital Age


The Children’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch (HRW) is seeking a highly qualified Researcher and Advocate to investigate, analyze, and advocate against children’s human rights abuses worldwide in the digital environment. The role of the Researcher and Advocate will include developing Human Rights Watch’s strategy on the topic, and carrying out that strategy by documenting, conveying, and seeking to address violations of children’s rights.

We welcome applications from people who have demonstrated familiarity with the impact of technology on potentially vulnerable communities, including those who have a background in journalism, law, social sciences, engineering or computer science.

The preferred location for this position is New York, London, Berlin, Washington, DC, or another major HRW office, such as Beirut, Johannesburg, Nairobi, or San Francisco.


  1. Identify issues and advocacy opportunities around children’s rights in the digital sphere around the world. These may include: the tensions between online content regulations, protection of children, and children’s right to freedoms of expression and access to information; children’s rights to privacy and the threat posed by surveillance of children’s digital lives; or harm to children’s rights posed by automated decision-making. Develop a plan for strategic research and advocacy to ensure respect for these internationally recognized rights by public and private sector actors.
  2. Research, document, and analyze policies and practices that raise human rights concerns for children by interviewing children whose rights have been harmed, as well as parents, professionals, and experts, and collecting and analyzing information from a wide variety of sources, including governments, media, academia, NGOs, other victims of abuses, open-source information, technologists, and others.
  3. Write and publicize reports, op-eds, press releases, briefing memos, statements, treaty-body submissions, testimony and other materials to disseminate our research findings and policy recommendations for preventing or ending abuses of children’s human rights. Work with colleagues in the communications division to develop innovative multimedia and social media strategies to communicate our positions in clear and compelling ways and to advance advocacy.
  4. Develop and implement advocacy strategies in collaboration with HRW colleagues to change or prevent abusive government laws, policies, and practices, as well as abusive corporate policies and practices. Press companies and governments to ensure human rights protections are built into their products, services, and operations. Propose new laws or regulations to protect rights online, and articulate how existing human rights standards should apply to these technologies.
  5. Build partnerships across key communities, including other human rights NGOs, groups working with children, tech industry leaders, and academics.
  6. Project concerns about children’s human rights in the digital sphere into public debates internationally through clear and prompt responses to queries from policy makers, the media, social media, and colleague human rights communities. Place abuses or potential for abuses within the broader political, social and economic contexts.
  7. Be prepared and willing to work flexible hours to accommodate developing and urgent events.
  8. Work collaboratively with an international team of researchers, media experts and advocates and collaborate with a supportive and diverse team.
  9. Travel domestically and internationally, as required, to conduct research, media work and advocacy.
  10. Carry out other tasks as required. 

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The preferred location for this position is New York, London, Berlin, Washington, DC, or another major HRW office, such as Beirut
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